LED restaurant sign

LED neon signs for restaurants (LED restaurant sign)

First glance and first impression are very important in restaurant promotion. Then, how to get the first impression of people? LED restaurant sign – a modern and energy-efficient solution for your restaurant’s outdoor advertising could do that. With its bright and colorful bright, these signs is sure to catch the attention of potential customers passing by. So, it is reasonable to improve your visibility and boost your restaurant’s branding with eye-catching LED restaurant sign

Benefits of LED restaurant sign

If you have a restaurant, you definitely want to make it more popular. Additionally, you need to make your restaurant not only stand out in the area but also more eye-catching than its competitors. To get customers’ attention and trust is not easy. That’s why owners use custom neon signs to decorate the entrance and interior space of their restaurant.

Many people know neon signs are perfect items for restaurants in crowded cities. The light of the neon signs brings strong impacts on the reputation of your restaurant. LED neon signs have so many benefits compared to regular signs.

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LED restaurant sign

Why should we use LED restaurant sign?

LED signs can attract the attention of passersby

Firstly, you can place custom neon signs at the restaurant’s gate to attract the attention of passersby. The colorful neon light will impress many people, making them remember your restaurant name or address. They may not enter your restaurant right away, but they will consider that place for a future occasion (if the culinary style of your restaurent matches their taste). They can also recommend your restaurant to friends, for example: “I just saw a cool-looking Colombia restaurant named ‘Pablo Escobar’! Have you heard about it?”. Compared to regular signs without neon lights, neon signs will definitely create a stronger visual effect for customers.

LED signs can create a unique ambiance inside your restaurant

Secondly, neon signs will create a unique ambiance inside your restaurant. There are two special effects they can bring to that place: Stimulating customers’ appetites and beautifying the space. In fact, color and light can significantly affect our appetite. For example, cool colors like blue, and purple will suppress the appetite, while bright colors like yellow, orange, and red will make us want to eat more. Therefore, many businessman have used red and orange neon signs to decorate the space inside their restaurants. Besides, neon signs make your restaurant space more attractive.

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Let’s use custom LED neon signs for your restaurant!

If you want to create unique neon signs for your restaurant, you can try Custom Neon Sign Service from Orant Neon. Just send them an idea, and they will turn it into reality. Their experts will accompany you throughout the process, to make sure that the final product is precisely what you want, and that it responds to their high-quality standards. The color, font, and size of the product depend entirely on your creativity.

Some ideas for your LED restaurant sign

Here are some popular ideas for customizing LED restaurant sign:

Name or Logo neon signs

The most important purpose when decorating your restaurant with neon signs is to make your restaurant name (or logo) stand out in the bustling city. Customers will easily remember and recognize your brand with just a neon logo sign. This will be the most effective and simple method of advertising for restaurants. This is the reason for people to use LED restaurant sign.

Open/Close neon signs

“Open” and “Close” neon signs will be a great way to inform customers about your restaurant’s operating hours. The “open” sign will urge customers to open the door and enter your restaurant immediately.

Mood neon sign

Neon signs can positively affect the mood of customers. Additionally, neon signs with slogans like “Welcome!” or “Raise your glass!” can make your customers feel comfortable and happy when entering your restaurant.

Thematic neon sign

Use neon signs to emphasize your restaurant’s theme. For example, if your restaurant has a theme of “love” and serves romantic dinners for couples and families, then you can decorate the restaurant with neon signs in a sweet and romantic style.

Directional neon sign

Use neon directional arrow signs to guide your customers to different areas of the restaurant. This will help customers easily get to the restroom and WC without getting lost.

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Are custom neon signs expensive to operate?

LED restaurant sign is good but, price of neon sign is a big concern for restaurant owners, but the cost of running neon signs for restaurant is another issue. So, is the operation cost of neon signs high? Could it be a big number on your monthly restaurant’s electricity bill?

To answer this question, you need to know that there are two types of neon signs: LED neon signs and glass neon signs. Glass neon signs were very prevalent in the 1960s, however, their operation requires a large amount of electricity, so people rarely use them these days. Instead, many people use LED neon signs because they are energy efficient.

For LED Neon signs, electric current flows to the light-emitting diodes, making them emit colorful lights. This process requires relatively low voltage. Therefore, the monthly electricity cost for an LED neon sign will definitely be affordable for you in any case.

Now you have answers to your questions about the impact of neon signs on restaurant business. It’s time to light up your restaurant with the most impressive neon signs! It is completely worth your investment. You can choose your best neon signs from various products on Orant Neon webstore. They will provide you with the most wonderful signs!

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