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Plant neon signs: The best neon signs for plant-lovers

Neon signs have been used in decoration for a really long time. If you love plants and want to add some personality to your space, plant neon sign would be perfect for you. With its bright, eye-catching design, this sign will be a highlight in your space.

Why should we have plant neon sign?

The plant neon sign is easy to install and comes with a power adapter, making it an ideal lighting solution for any space. For plant-lovers, plant neon light is the perfect way to brighten up their living space, office, or bedroom.

People love the light of neon signs, but the meaning behind plant neon signs has become much more than just a bright light. Plant neon light represents different messages, including your interests in the environment, nature and organic life. Walls with plant-shaped neon signs create a sense of green life and connection with nature.

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plant neon sign

Most popular plant neon signs

Let’s bring the sense of nature to your space with some plant neon light samples below:

Tropical plant neon sign

Tropical plant neon signs are a unique and eye-catching way to decorate your home or your workplace. These signs are made from colorful neon tubing shaped into various tropical plants (such as palm trees, hibiscus flowers). They can be used indoors and outdoors to add a unique feeling to any space.

Plant neon sign with green light

Using green plant neon light is an effective way to light up your home or office. Green light is an eco-friendly choice, instead of traditional white or yellow light. Neon lights with natural colors bring many benefits such as reducing energy consumption, providing natural light, and creating positive energy.

Leaf-shaped neon sign

The leaf-shaped neon light sign is an innovative item to decorate your home or office. It is a type of plant neon sign that uses LED technology to create special effects. The lights are arranged in the shape of a leaf, which can be customized with different colors and patterns.

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How to create your own neon sign with your design?

With Custom neon sign service, you can easily get a plant neon sign that is designed by you. You just need to give them your design, font, color, and size of the sign, they will create a great plant neon sign for you immediately.

Additionally, you can require the help from their design team to improve your design in order to fit the uniqueness of your space.

These customized plant signs are the best way for you to express your personality in your business place or your house.

The custom neon sign service will support you during the entire process to ensure that the final product will perfectly match your idea in the design.

Which space is the best for plant neon sign?

A lot of people love plant neon signs because these wonderful signs make them feel like they are blending into nature. Here are some space that are the best fit for plant neon signs:

For room

Plants bring vitality to your room, neon lights create a fanciful and stylish atmosphere. With the right combination of plant and neon light, your room will have a unique look that will make you feel better.

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For office

Plant-shaped neon signs can add aesthetic appeal to your office. This creates a relaxing atmosphere and helps to boost your productivity. With plant-shaped neon signs, you can turn your office into an inspiring workspace.

For Gaming room

Are you a die-hard gamer looking to decorate your gaming space? Neon sign for a gaming room is a good choice! Neon light is very good at expressing your personality and style. If you are a plant-lover gamer, a plant neon sign with bright, eye-catching colors and a perfect design could level up your decor.

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Orant Neon is a very good neon light store in the US. They have a lot of plant neon sign that could attract you at the first sight. Besides the quality of the signs, Orant Neon offer you a very great service, such as: Custom neon signs, quick shipment, design as you idea. Please contact them to get your signs now!

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